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WebDeveloperForHire® offers WordPress install services, plugin install, website repair, and WP setup services.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the latest and best web content publishing platform, adhering to principles set in place by W3 coding standards, as well as user experience and rich-content.

It is a leading provider of CMS for SEO companies, marketing and content publishing companies.

Hire a WordPress Developer

Pricing Plans

See Your WordPress Website Live Within 24-72 Hours Starting at $500 or $65 an Hour!
  • Simple 5-Page Website $500

    We'll design you a complete simple 5-page website starting at only $500.

  • Small Business Plus Plan $500/mo

    We'll create a website for your small business, and an additional 5-pages per month is included by using reporting features to grow your visitors and revenue.

  • Enterprise Growth Plus Plan $1,500/mo

    We'll create and manage a website for your small to large or enterprise business, increase visitors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis utilizing all features available by WebDeveloperForHire®.

  • Hourly Web Developer $65/hr

    Need a simple fix, debugging for errors, new content or a small re-design? No matter what you may need, we should be able to help you. Hire an hourly web developer starting at $65 an hour for fast assistance.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using WordPress:
  • Easily Publish Content
  • Search Engine & SEO Friendly
  • Completely Customizable
  • Less Expensive to Develop
  • Intuitive Planning and Architecture
  • Migrate from Old Platforms to WordPress with Ease

If you are searching for a WP developer please fill out the form and see how we can help.

Our team has built thousands of websites using the WordPress platform and we’re ready to take on your project.

Hire a WordPress Developer to Build My Website

You can hire a web developer today starting at $65 per hour or fixed flat-rate fee.

You’ll receive an expert web developer to assist you with your requirements, custom tailored link building services, and bring more traffic to your site.

Services for Web Development

  • Web Development Services
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Shopping Cart for Online Payments with Online Ordering System
  • Event Booking System or Event Calendar
  • Document Management System
  • User Membership System
  • Template Development
  • Writing Markup and Coding
  • Blog & News
  • Debugging & Errors
  • Website Remodeling
  • Business Directory & Chamber of Commerce Integration
  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletter & Email Blasts
  • Mobile/Responsive Website
  • PDF & Printer-Friendly
  • Web App or Business Software
  • Mobile Applications i.e. iOS or Android

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Found web developer for hire online and they are the best! Cheap rates and quick solutions.
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Since hiring your team we have seen an increase of 300% in revenue. The results speak for themselves.
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As a WordPress development company our team provides extensive services for start-ups from small business WordPress websites to larger websites with thousands of web pages.

We also offer custom add-ons, social media websites, customer support and customization for WordPress themes that you might need, or already have installed, as well as optimizing for search. Contact us today by calling (800) 617-2901 for more information and get started today.